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New Year, New Artist Goals!

The new year is a time for fresh starts and new opportunities! It is the PERFECT time to set goals for yourself to help further your makeup artist career! I have decided to share just a few resolutions that I think can be SUPER beneficial to anyone in the beauty industry! All of these resolutions are things that I personally want to implement into my work routine because I think it can make a HUGE impact on hopefully growing my business further!


1. Get a Financial Game Plan for 2022

I have decided just to get the "not fun" part of resolutions out of the way. Let's talk Money! Obviously, if you have chose a career in the beauty industry you are not in it just for the money. Now money isn't everything, but it is important to have financial goals so you can be able to support your living! As a Freelance Makeup Artist, I don't necessarily have a set salary or boundaries with how much money I can potentially make per year. This is why I think it is good to set a goal for myself so that I can have something to work towards financially. You want to set monetary goals for yourself. A lot of artists will just wing it and hope for the best but if you don't have a goal then how do you know what to be working towards? So, for 2022, I plan on setting an estimate goal for how much money I want to make for the year.

I am linking a girl named Megan's awesome blog about how to make financial goals in 2022 with more in-depth info on finances. It is a GREAT read! (regardless of your career)

2. Social Media (Be Consistent!)

Let's be honest... social media really is the MAIN way to market your business these days. ESPECIALLY if you offer a service in the beauty industry! As a Makeup Artist, I am not only expected to be able to offer great makeup services but I also need to take amazing photos to post online to entice current/future clients. As a consumer, I can personally admit that if I am going to a new business I ALWAYS look them up online before I even go there. It is just the times that we live in and if you want your business to grow you have to adapt to this way of marketing! Now with that being said, social media can be the most overwhelming thing if you allow it. In 2022, I plan to come up with a social media strategy to just help me stay on top of posting & updating my accounts. As I mentioned earlier, that is the MAIN way to market yourself so I have to learn how to be consistent with it!

I have looked up a few different free social media marketing tools on Pinterest to share with you all! These are all free sources that I think could be beneficial for someone just wanting to get a better grasp on how to plan their social media! (aka Me, I am someone needing to get a better grasp 😂)

3. Learn & Practice New Techniques

The beauty industry is an ever growing field that definitely requires continued education. You have to continue to stay up-to-date on current trends and makeup styles! If you don't, you wont be able to grow as a business. I began offering makeup services in 2017 and I have learned SO MUCH in just 5 years! From products to techniques, you have to keep educating yourself. My goal for 2022 is to continue my education in the beauty industry and be able to expand my services! I have been working behind-the-scenes for a while now on some SUPER EXCITING plans for this upcoming year that I cannot wait to share with you all!

4. Attend Networking Events:

In my area, I feel like there is a lack of opportunities for artists to meet and connect with one another. Networking is one of the best ways to form relationships with other professionals in the beauty industry! If I have learned anything in my 26 years of life, it is that networking IS important. It will allow you to not only meet people who you share similar interests with but it also allows you to learn from people and stay on top of what is happening in the industry! In 2022, I want to commit to attending at least one or two events that will allow me to meet other artists and connect with them! The wider your network, the more possible career opportunities you will have!

5. Balance Work & Life:

Hello, my name is Hope and my toxic trait is overbooking. If you are anything like me, then this feels like asking for miracle to occur. 2021 was definitely the year that I learned I need balance. I found myself missing family gatherings and holidays for work! Now, don't get me wrong... I love what I do! I also love the people I work with so I never really hated being gone that much BUT I still didn't like missing the important events that I skipped out on for work. In 2022, I really want to focus on finding a place of balance! (fingers cross I actually keep this resolution!)

I hope you found this helpful and wish you a happy & productive year in 2022!

Comment below some of your New Year Resolutions for 2022!





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